Creating CLI commands

Librarian is built on top of Minicli, a minimalist command-line framework in PHP.

You can create custom command-line commands to manage your application, import data, or perform regular scheduled tasks (schedule is possible via Crontab). These should be created within the app/Command directory.

The included librarian executable loads a few example commands that you can use as reference to build your own.

About Minicli

Minicli uses a 2-level command structure, with Namespaces and Controllers. Web controllers are nothing more than commands under the Web namespace. The other commands are only run via CLI, with the included librarian executable.

Default Command Structure

This is how the default command structure looks like by default in a fresh Librarian install:

├── Cache
│   ├── ClearController.php
│   └── RefreshController.php
├── Create
│   └── ContentController.php
├── Help
│   ├── DefaultController.php
│   └── TestController.php
├── Import
│   └── DevToController.php
└── Web
    ├── ContentController.php
    ├── ErrorController.php
    ├── FeedController.php
    ├── IndexController.php
    ├── NotFoundController.php
    └── TagController.php

This yields the following command tree:

Librarian help CLI

For more information on how to create commands, please refer to the Minicli documentation on how to create commands.

Built with Librarian by @erikaheidi.

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