Introduction: About Librarian

Librarian is a stateless CMS based on static files. It uses the same format as for markdown files with a front matter and liquid tags for custom functionality. The front matter is fluid and doesn't have a fixed spec, meaning you can include any custom fields you want and fetch them from your templates.

Librarian default index page screenshot

Librarian doesn't use databases, sessions, or users. Administration is made from the command-line. For multiple authors, author information must be defined as metadata within the front matter.

This is an experimental project built to keep content decoupled from the application itself, while keeping a very low footprint and functioning as a middle ground between static sites and dynamic CMSs.

Liquid tags supported at the moment:

Tag Example Description
audio {% audio path_to_mp3.mp3 %} embeds mp3 audio
video {% video path_to_mp4.mp4 %} embeds mp4 video
twitter {% twitter tweet_id %} embeds a Tweet
youtube {% youtube video_ID %} embeds a YouTube video
github {% github file_url %} embeds File from GitHub (Gists aren't supported at the moment)

Librarian is not a static site generator, and the idea is to provide a mix of static files and dynamic capabilities that don't require sessions or databases.

About this Documentation

This documentation website is built with Librarian. It is by no means complete, more content will be added as soon as possible. You can contribute to Librarian's documentation via GitHub.

Built with Librarian by @erikaheidi.

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