Customizing Librarian Views

Librarian uses Twig, the Symfony template engine, to deliver front-end views.

Templates are organized into themes. To customize your views, it is best to create a custom theme based on the theme you want to be the base for your custom design. To do that, create a copy of the theme folder in app/Resources/themes and change the templates_path in your config.php file to point to your custom theme folder.

The default themes are built with Tailwind CSS. A tailwind.config.js is included in the root of the project, as well as the package.json file to set up NPM dependencies (required if you're rebuilding the CSS assets).

Librarian comes with a default blog style theme. You can find more themes at librarianphp/librarian-themes.

Theme contributions welcome!

Built with Librarian by @erikaheidi.

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