Librarian Liquid Tags

Librarian uses liquid tags to offer extended and customizable embeds in markdown, inspired by This is implemented as a standalone project that at librarianphp/parsed.

Currently, we have a limited number of liquid tags implemented, but this collection is expected to grow in the future (contributions are welcome).

Liquid tags supported at the moment:

Tag Example Description
audio {% audio path_to_mp3.mp3 %} embeds mp3 audio
video {% video path_to_mp4.mp4 %} embeds mp4 video
youtube {% youtube video_ID %} embeds a YouTube video
github {% github file_url %} embeds a Gist or a Repository File

PS: The tweet liquid tag is no longer functional since latest changes to Twitter API. It is most likely going to be removed from Parsed in its next release.

Built with Librarian by @erikaheidi.

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